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Grafana 6.6.2 on AIX

Management Summary: Yes, it works.

Disclaimer: Neither Grafana Labs nor I support Grafana on AIX. If it doesn't work for you - bad luck.

Requirements: AIX 7.2 TL3 or newer. I started on AIX 7.2 TL4.

It is easy. All you need is to download and unpack the archive:

 # curl -L -O
 # gzip -dc grafana-6.6.2-aix.tar.gz | tar xf - -C /

Then change to /usr/share/grafana and start it:

# cd /usr/share/grafana
# /usr/sbin/grafana-server --pidfile=/var/run/ --config=/etc/grafana/grafana.ini cfg:default.paths.provisioning=/etc/grafana/provisioning cfg:default.paths.logs=/var/log/grafana cfg:default.paths.plugins=/var/lib/grafana/plugins

One second later it is started and the interface is available as usual at port 3000.

Happy hacking!

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