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Installing Gitlab Community Edition on IBM Power

Gitlab is THE DevOps platform as it should be. We love Gitlab and use it on a daily basis for everything, you may imagine :-) No, coffee is brewed by a coffee machine, but everything else is done with Gitlab. Every tool on the site for Linux on IBM Power and for IBM AIX is built using Gitlab. Our complete code repository is in Gitlab. Our infrastructure is completely coded and provisioned through Gitlab. Of course it runs on the best hardware platform ever - on IBM Power. I try to summarize the steps, you need to follow to install Gitlab on Linux on IBM Power.

First of all you need a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 for IBM Power. As for now we produce only builds for RHEL 8 or CentOS 8. They may work on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15, but we didn't test them. They definitely will not work on IBM AIX. Sorry, but porting Gitlab to AIX is a mammoth task and we can't do it at this time.

I can't say how many resources do you need for your Gitlab installation. Ours has 8 GB RAM and 0,2 CPU. Yes, you've read it correct - just 0,2 of a POWER8 CPU on a IBM Power S822. Usually you don't need too many CPUs for Gitlab itself. What it definitely needs, is RAM. With 4 GB RAM it just starts working, but if you are as impatient as I am, I'd recommend to have 8 GB or even 16 GB RAM for it.

Disk space requirements depend on how many repositories you want to save in Gitlab and how big they are. If you don't know right now, start with something small and expand it, if you need more. OK, on AIX it would be easier, but it is easy even with Linux.

If you have your RHEL8 LPAR, you may proceed with the installation. The whole installation process is just one command:

If you need another version, go to our site and choose another version. Please bear in mind, that Gitlab CE Omnibus package is very big. It is almost 1 GB. It will take some time to download and unpack it.

After the installation, go and visit /etc/gitlab on your server. First of all you find there root password to login to your Gitlab installation. Second I recommend to look through the configuration file and amend it to your needs. After you did it, don't forget to reconfigure the installation:

gitlab-ctl reconfigure

Check the official Gitlab documentation on next steps -

Now you are ready to use Gitlab CE on your IBM Power!

Have fun!

P.S. If you use the tools provided on the site and like them, you can support us and we can support you.

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